Bryco Kraft Paper Products Frequently Asked Questions

What else can i use this for? i don’t smoke meats, but i want to buy some just because it’s made here. thanks!

You can use this food-grade paper for smoking, serving, wrapping, storing, for arts and crafts and even as birdcage liner - Made USA Proud!

What am I doing wrong? Smoked my second brisket with this paper overnight and it stuck very bad to the paper. Any suggestions?

This may be due to technique. There are so many ways to smoke a brisket that it’s hard to guess what you may be doing to cause this. It’s recommended to trim the fat well before seasoning it. Then get your smoker up to your preferred temperature before you put the brisket in. Then keep that temperature consistent until you get the internal temperature of the brisket up to between 160* to 175*. Then take it out, wrap it in a few layers of paper, and stick it back in until the internal temperature of the brisket gets just over 200*. Then pull it out and let it rest in an empty cooler or a microwave for an hour or so. Then it should be perfect. I recommend researching multiple methods online because, everyone is a little different. It takes time to master the art of smoking. Some say you never stop getting better! Just keep trying! Good luck!

Is the pink parchment paper treated with quilon?

Great question! Our paper is uncoated and contains no quilon.

What Is Your Butcher Paper Made Out Of?

All of our butcher paper is made of durable 40# weight Georgia Pacific paper with superior wet and hold strength, perfect for smoking and storing meat.

Other than color is there a difference between your pink and brown kraft butcher papers?

Great question. Both rolls of butcher paper are made from the same top quality paper, however there is coloring added to the pink paper. Though subjective, many customers prefer this color cosmetically as basket/tray liners or sandwich/cooking wrap, but many claim it makes meat that bleeds look less like blood and more like liquid or moisture during storage. Hope this helps!

can i use this to wrap handmade soaps?

I can think of no reason not to. Used in old stores to wrap meats.

Is This Product Safe For Pets?

Yes, our paper is produced in an FDA approved facility and definitely approved for birdcages. We have actually had several customers reach out to us to tell us how well it works for their birdcages.

Could this Kraft Paper be used for wrapping packages for mail delivery? It appears to be similar to brown packing paper.

Our Kraft paper is made up of different materials but you can certainly use it to wrap packages. I would not recommend using our craft paper to smoke or store meat though. Use Our Premium Butcher Paper For Grilling!

Can This Kraft Paper Be Used for tracing and making sewing patterns?

Hi! Thank you for your question. It makes great tracing paper.

Is Bryco Kraft paper Acid free?

Acid-free papers have a pulp pH level above 7 (neutral). Our newsprint has a pH level anywhere from 5.8 to 6.0 so though very close, not considered acid-free, though very close.

Can you use this Kraft Paper to protect oil painting on canvas ?

Our White Kraft Paper works With Many Different Materials: for acrylic and oil paints, chalk, crayon, markers, felt pens, finger painting, water color, tempera, and more!

Is this true newsprint? I use old newspapers to clean windows but get ink smears at times.

It’s newsprint paper without the ink. Just plain paper. We use it for parking dishes to move and it was great quality.

Is this Packing paper acid free?

Acid-free papers have a pulp pH level above 7 (neutral). Our newsprint has a pH level anywhere from 5.8 to 6.0 so though very close, not considered acid-free, though very close.

can I use this Packing Paper for my bird cage Lining?

Hi. Thank you for your question. Absolutely! You can use the packing paper for your bird cage.

Is this type of Packing paper recyclable?

Yes, these Bryco Goods papers are recyclable!!

I want to use it for art. The newsprint paper from art supplies store usually has rough tooth which I hate. Is this smooth? almost like copy paper?

Yes, it is smooth. No ragged edges. Not as white as copy paper nor quite as heavy/thick as regular Kraft Paper. We can definitely envision it being used for art work.

Is this paper good for packing to move.. glassware and such?

Our packing paper is designed to protect all your valuables and it works perfectly for protecting glassware. It is weighted well and very durable. Hope this helps!