The Unknown Danger Of Cooking With Aluminum Foil

Don't Ruin Your Healthy Diet Habits By Cooking Them In The Most Abundant Neurotoxin Found On Earth... And Your Kitchen.

Most people can find a roll of aluminum foil in their kitchen, used for multiple applications within food preparation, storage, and various cooking methods.

But did you know that aluminum is a neurotoxin? Indeed, the aluminum foil sheets that you use frequently is a poison that acts on the nervous system.

What Does That Mean For People Using Aluminum Foil?

Moderate use seems to be safe when observing the data from the health risks of aluminum foil. However, because the modern kitchen is stocked with multiple tools and materials made of different compounds assisting in the cooking process, it becomes hard to blame aluminum directly to any health hazards that are observed. The science behind aluminum use paints a clear picture as to whether or not people should continue using it in a setting where particles could be found within food.

The scientific journal Neurotoxicology published a study in 2000 that found using aluminum in a way that risks consuming it directly has a noticeable effect on behavioral, neuropathological, and neurochemical brain functions

A 2014 case study in the Journal of Medical Case Reports revealed a direct correlation between levels of aluminum in the human body and the development of Alzheimer's Disease after observing the development of the neurological disorder in a 66 year old man after 8 years of significant aluminum exposure.

A scientifically published risk assessment of using aluminum foil in food preparation from the International Journal of ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE discovered the average amount of toxic aluminum consumed from its use in cooking is beyond the established safe levels under the current World Health Organization standards.

These are only a few examples of peer reviewed scientific findings that expose the possible negative side effects that come with using poisonous aluminum foil rolls in your kitchen to hold the food you eat.

This new information can be scary to take in, but before you throw out all the aluminum in your pantry to search for the best alternative, we've done the hard work for you.

Peach Butcher Paper Magic: The Best Aluminum Foil Alternative For Cooking & Food Preparation/Storage

Peach/Pink Butcher Paper is nothing more than a variety of the regular Butcher Paper. As the regular one comes in white color because it is bleached, the peach paper has a pink color indicating a natural base.

That’s all it really is. The only reason its color is so distinctive and fashionable is because of all famous pitmasters using it and us amateur barbecue fans copying their style. So the need to have that pink-hued butcher paper instead of a regular white one is a trend, not a necessity.

The Benefits Of Wrapping Barbecue Meat & Other Vegetarian Food Options With Pink Butcher Paper Explained

To understand the benefits of the Peach butcher paper and why everyone has gone coo-coo about it, you have to know what are the benefits of wrapping your meat in the first place.

Wrapping your meat close to or at the end of the cook time will protect the meat from drying out. You will successfully keep the flavor and the moisture of the meat all through the service. Also, if the cook was quicker than you expected, wrapping your meat will make you avoid the risk of the bark darkening any further, leaving you plenty of time on the grill to cook the center just right.

It's a versatile product that can be customized and used to market your establishment, and can be used in multiple ways. But most importantly perhaps, meat cooked in butcher paper roll is moist, flavorsome and cooked to perfection each and every time.

Other Bryco Goods Peach/Pink Butcher Paper Advantages:

  • Foil only comes on rolls and has to be cut to size, which can be annoying. If this is a problem you find yourself having, consider using butcher paper roll. Being available in all types of sizes and colour, it even comes in pre-cut sheets, helping save you even more time in the kitchen.
Perfectly Cooked Meat
  • Unlike foil, butcher paper roll is breathable which helps create a firm bark outside and a tender meat inside. However, be sure not to use coated butcher paper roll for cooking. It’s great for protecting meat from freezer burn but doesn’t release moisture, producing similar effects to foil.
Usable For Many Food Outlets
  • Foil can have it’s limitations. It cannot be printed on and it isn’t particularly appealing to look at. In contrast, butcher paper roll can be used for wrapping a wide range of takeout food items and can even be used as table cloths or tray liners.
Keeps In Flavor
  • If you’ve ever cooked meat in foil on a BBQ, you will realize that it isn’t the best way to retain flavor. Butcher paper roll solves this problem by keeping the smoke inside the meat whilst helping keep your meat moist and the bark firm. Butcher paper roll absorbs fat, helping braise the joint. The result? A tender, smokey and flavorsome piece of meat.

Although there are several reasons why foil can pose a disadvantage in a kitchen, perhaps the most striking reason is it’s sometimes disappointing results when used to cook meat. So, what other options are there? Well we believe one excellent alternative is the use of our butcher paper roll.

There are loads of reasons why we believe butcher paper roll is better than foil in a kitchen. But the main ones are that butcher paper roll is great at keeping the flavor of your meat locked in, whilst producing a perfectly cooked joint time after time that is tender inside and perfectly braised outside.

Why Is Peach Butcher Paper Better For BBQ Than Foil?

Using foil can be really tricky, and you have to know precisely what wrapping your meat in foil accomplishes. A so-called ”Texas crutch”, this type of wrapping is more commonly used for pork ribs, rather than for beef barbecue. Bear in mind that foil does not breathe and stops any additional smoke from penetrating, so with wrapping your meat in foil, the smoking phase of the barbecue is finished for good.

What it does next is that it reflects the heat down onto the meat and, at the same time, retains the heat. That means if you take the meat wrapped in foil off the grill, it will continue to cook for a while longer. The biggest flaw is that since foil is non-porous, the steam cannot come out, dripping condensation water onto your crust and making it into a mush.

All this can be avoided with our Peach Butcher paper, as it allows the steam to escape the wrap, protects the meat and does not retain or reflect the heat like a foil does.

Easy, Safe, and Cost-Effective Food Wrapping

If you choose another type of material to wrap your offerings in, there is a chance it may contain other harmful chemicals. Our FDA-approved line of butcher paper rolls gives you peace of mind to know that you’re not adding toxins in with your sandwiches, wraps, and other delights. The Environmental Working Group found that 40% of packaging for fast food contained dangerous chemicals. Stand out from the pack by changing what you wrap your food in.