Packing Paper Sheets for Moving - 5lb - 27" x 17"


 160 Sheets of Newsprint Paper - Must Have in Your Moving Supplies - Made in USA [850053036149]
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160 Sheets of Newsprint Paper - Must Have in Your Moving Supplies - Made in USA [850053036149]

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Wrapping your fragile items is easy now!

Stressed by the move? You're not alone. Combat that stress by focusing on the little pieces that make up the whole -- for example, that bone china dinner set you received at your wedding. Carefully pack up the pieces one by one and save them for another day with durable packing paper.

Thick and strong in 5 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb packs
27" x 17" is large enough to pack most of your valuables
non-printed newsprint is acid-free and ink-free
Durable paper that requires less sheets to pack fragile items
Packing paper from the dollar store doesn't cut it; use our paper to protect all of your precious items.

Let Polly and the kids share the paper after!

An American moving company stacked the three substances against each other: newspaper, bubble wrap and packing paper. Newspaper lost dismally; it's too fragile to save delicate items, and the ink stains china and porcelain. Bubble wrap did well but is not recyclable and is very expensive. Packing paper worked perfectly and allowed items to be stacked on each other.

The plain surface is easy to label for an organized move
It's reusable! Line your parrot's cage or let the kids paint on after the move
It won't easily tear, so use less. Less mistakes = faster packing
Packing paper breaks down easily during recycling

Keep Your China White and Bright

The last thing you want is your precious bone china to arrive with nasty ink stains because you used old newspaper to pack! This paper will protect your precious items as carefully as if you hand-carried each cup and saucer yourself. The white acid-free and ink-free paper is also easy to label, so you can unwrap your things quickly and efficient.

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